Our AI Innovations

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- Your AI-Powered Guide to the World

Leveraging Google VertexAI & Cloud Vision API, TravelBuddy offers real-time info, personalized suggestions, and tailored itineraries. Embark on enriched journeys with TravelBuddy

Romantic Chatbot

- Engage, Express, Embrace

Dive into romantic conversations, tailored to your mood. Powered by GPT-3, experience context-aware, personalized chats.


- Elevate Your Learning with AI-Powered Insights

The academic assistant you wished for. Ask, upload images, and get detailed answers. Powered by GPT-4.

GenAI LightHouse Chat

- Shining AI's Light on Maritime Marvels

Navigate the oceans with real-time insights! Our Generative AI Lighthouse Application provides up-to-the-minute status updates on lighthouses worldwide. Harnessing the power of advanced AI, it ensures mariners and enthusiasts stay informed with timely and accurate information


- Your Financial Guru Chatbot

Built on GPT-4, FinanceGPT is designed to address company financial queries. Engage in real-time for insights into financial data.