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🌟 A Glimpse into My AI Odyssey 🌟

From the bustling corridors of enterprise-level project management to the intricate labyrinths of Azure DevOps architecture, my journey spanning over 20 years has been nothing short of transformative. While I proudly don the hats of a Project Manager, CSM-PMO, Technical Project Manager, and Product Manager, my heart finds its true calling in the uncharted realms of Artificial Intelligence.

The mesmerizing allure of Generative AI has been particularly captivating. Beyond the confines of my professional roles, I've ventured deep into the world of generative intelligence, passionately crafting projects that harness the power of conversational AI, intuitive chatbots, and more. It's not just a mere interest; it's a passion that has been kindled by the immense potential and endless possibilities AI brings to the table.

person in orange and white robot costume
person in orange and white robot costume

The AI landscape is vast and ever-evolving, and I am ecstatic to be a part of this revolution, merging the wisdom from my past roles with the innovative spirit of AI to forge a brighter, smarter future.

Featured Projects

A showcase of innovative AI solutions tailored for diverse needs.


- Your AI-Powered Guide to the World

Leveraging Google VertexAI & Cloud Vision API, TravelBuddy offers real-time info, personalized suggestions, and tailored itineraries. Embark on enriched journeys with TravelBuddy

Romantic Chatbot

- Engage, Express, Embrace

Dive into romantic conversations, tailored to your mood. Powered by GPT-3, experience context-aware, personalized chats.


- Elevate Your Learning with AI-Powered Insights

The academic assistant you wished for. Ask, upload images, and get detailed answers. Powered by GPT-4.

Passionate about pushing AI's boundaries and transforming the future

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