🗼 Lighthouse GenerativeAI Application

A web-based platform harnessing AI to provide users with comprehensive information about lighthouses.


To offer users accurate and engaging details about lighthouses through the synergy of Generative AI and an extensive lighthouse database.

🔄 Process:

  1. 👥 User Interaction: Via a web interface, users input questions or prompts about lighthouses.

  2. 🔍 User Input Processing: Ensures the user's query is clear and ready for analysis.

  3. 🤖 Interaction with GPT-3: The processed input is sent to the GPT-3 model.

  4. 📖 Data Retrieval: A DataFrame Agent queries a lighthouse database.

  5. 🔧 Data Combination: Organizes the data for presentation.

  6. 💡 Information Fusion: Data from GPT-3 and the DataFrame Agent are synthesized to form an accurate response.

  7. 🖋️ Response Formatting by LLM: GPT-3 refines the response ensuring it's well-presented.

  8. 🖥️ Displaying the Response: The final information is presented to the user.

📊 Results:

Users gain an enriched understanding of lighthouses via a user-friendly chat interface.

🚧 Challenges and Solutions:

  • ❓ Challenge: Providing real-time, accurate, and engaging lighthouse information.

  • ✅ Solution: The integration of a powerful language model with a dedicated lighthouse database.

🎓 Lessons Learned:

  • The potential of combining Generative AI with specialized databases.

  • Streamlining user interactions for optimal knowledge dissemination.

💻 Technology Stack:

GPT 3.5 ⠿ Chromadb ⠿ Langchain ⠿ Streamlit ⠿ Python